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California Trip 2005 (197)
May 28 ~ Jun 2, 2005
Jan 2005. Adam, ISR. David and friends devoured a LOT of chicken wings.
Jan 2005. Adam, ISR. A lot of chicken wings.
Feb 2005. CU. A cute Macintosh Classic was on sale at Homeworks. It has spreadsheet and word processing software!
Mar 2005. V, Hi, ISR. V balanced several books on Hi's head as she tried to use her laptop.
Mar 2005. Terence, V, ISR. V and Terence at ISR latenight cafeteria.
Apr 2005. UIUC. David Grayson saw a car in a parking lot at the UIUC with a funny license plate, /dev/eth1. Learn Linux to get it.
Apr 2005. ISR. David and friends created a beautiful drink out of the crap they had left on their plates at the end of the meal.
Apr 2005. Hi, ISR. Hi sitting on the floor in the entrance to ISR.
Apr 2005. ISR. Kevin carved a face into his apple!
Apr 2005. CU. For the "UIUC vs. a Mummy" taht David Grayson was in, someone rigged up a fake mummy body that can spurt blood.
Apr 2005. UIUC. Physics 214 demo with a tennis ball on a string in the background.
Apr 2005. Ryan, Kevin, ISR. Megha and Hannah were playing apple soccer with Ryan's apple so he stabbed it. Then stabbed it some more!
Apr 9, 2005. IL. Richard Grayson (I think) has a cane that can be used as a chair. This picture was taken at Aaron Rutter's ceremony for returning from his military service in Iraq.
May 2005. ISR. Alex D. made a beautiful house of cards in Chris R.'s room on one of the last days of freshman year.
Jun 26, 2005. IL. David, Dan, and Carol went to the Loraine theater in Hoopeston IL and saw their film reel in operations room. It's big.

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